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Our Plans. God's Purposes

Dear Brothers and Sisters - Grace and peace to you in the name of Christ!

Do you all remember "Go" Wesley's Thai language helper who owns the tiny coffee shop and is also an evangelist? Over the summer holiday, Luke joined Wesley and Go with Thai language study and Luke has spent some extra time with Go learning more about coffee, as well. In this time we've learned more about Go's heart and vision for evangelism, church planting in unreached areas, and support of pastors in other small villages. He and his family are fruit and coffee farmer's by trade though Go has a Master's of Divinity.

Go's coffee shop is his sole financial source in supporting himself and his ministry. He's generous and brings farmers' products (coffee, honey, macadamia nuts, fruit, etc.) to sell in his coffee shop. Go isn't formally trained in the coffee industry, but he's done his best with what he knows and has.

The Lord is constantly at work in unexpected ways! Over the past few days God has opened a door and provided an opportunity to send Luke and Go to coffee school in a province three hours south of us. By providing Go with more formal training and certification in this field will help to better sustain his shop which sustains his ministry and helps to support other pastors in small villages who come to him for training.

Recently, after much prayer and discussion with Luke, we came to the decision that he would finish his senior year at home taking dual credit classes online which also allows him flexibility to work more with Go. Luke loves Asia, learning language and culture, and he loves sharing the gospel.

"The evangelization of the world waits not on the readiness of God but on the obedience of Christians." ~ Bill M. Sullivan

This training begins in our morning and they'll be gone for about 10 days. We, along with Go and Luke, are grateful for this opportunity.

Pray for their friendship. Pray for opportunities to share with the trainers at the school. May they be salt and light. Pray they'll return with practical knowledge and skills to help further advance the kingdom of God in these coffee farming villages.

That All May Hear,

Wesley, Kimberly,

Luke, Lydia, Micah and Ezra

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