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Dear Friends,

Our hearts are grateful for the prayers of the saints and we are thankful to the Lord for His faithfulness and kindness to our family. Because our souls are anchored in Christ, even in the midst of uncertainties He gives us strength to press on daily.

Stateside. In the short two weeks that Wesley's been in the States, his dad has improved in many ways since Wesley's arrival and we're grateful to the Lord for this. While he was released from physical therapy on Friday, he does need 24 hour care. We're thankful for family that has united to help. Wesley will continue to stay to help with various needs and business aspects during his dad's transition.


  • A smooth transition for Wesley's dad.

  • Wesley and his family as they work to meet his dad's needs.

  • Peace and for a greater sense of God's presence and power as He works in each person's life.

  • Kimberly, Luke, Lydia, Micah and Ezra as Wesley's away.

Gifts & Talents. The Lord has provided a unique opportunity for me (Kimberly) to teach baking. A few months ago we were connected with a Thai couple who live an hour and a half south of us. Aajan (pastor) Bandhit and his wife, Khun Tiwa are believers who formed a foundation (non-profit) to help spread the gospel in the villages of our province through community relief so that "the poorest among the poor will have experience of abundant life." So how does this work with community development and reaching people with the gospel?

  • The idea of teaching villagers to bake was presented as a means to help create a skill-set where products can then be marketed to coffee shops in larger towns.

  • This would also work in conjunction with an agriculture project they have developed by supplying laying hens (eggs are then given in return for a period until sufficiently "paid for").

  • Ultimately, this allows opportunity for relationship building that will lead to kingdom building.

Many villages will still not allow foreigners to enter due to their fear of Covid; however, Aajan Bandhit and Khun Tiwa have easier access since they're Thai. Plus, their language is much better than ours at this point!

Last Monday was my first teaching day and tomorrow is my second. Over the past few weeks, I've been brainstorming and developing recipes that are low cost while utilizing what the villagers are growing (bananas, coconuts, etc.) yet still be quality. Wesley and Aajan Bandhit have some agriculture ideas that can go along with the baking and there's a possibility of woodworking in the future. We are thankful that God calls us to use who we are - our interests, our talents and gifts, our family situation, our location - for the advancement of His great name.

  • Praise God for opportunities for Him to use the seemingly simple things for His glory.

  • Please pray that the Lord will be honored in our relationship and that this project will allow greater access to sharing the gospel.

“Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your master” (Matthew 25:23) This is what we want to hear.

That All May Hear,

Wesley, Kimberly,

Luke, Lydia, Micah and Ezra

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