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Coram Deo

Dear Friends,

We are thankful to God for each of you. While it seems that this transition has come with many hardships, the Lord has been kind and, as always, faithful. His presence is like nothing else when you walk through the fiery trials of life.

Kimberly and Lydia returned to Thailand in August to close things out there. Lydia was invited to finish her senior year at the school there, and several friends reached out to host her. This has been another hard decision, but that community has loved us exceedingly well and feels more like family than a school. We are thankful for this small body of Christ, and while this is another hard transition, we know that Lydia will excel spiritually, academically, and socially.

While in Thailand, Kimberly's dad had severe complications following the placement of a pacemaker and was hospitalized three times, ending with another serious surgery. We praise God for the team at Jewish Hospital and His hand in carrying our family through that time.

Kimberly is back recovered from jet lag, and we're all in full swing with transitions with a recent move, trying to outfit our home from scratch and homeschooling Micah and Ezra. Jehovah Rapha is our Lord is faithful and near to us.

We're also meeting with folks to learn about the needs of immigrants in the Warren/Barren County area. Kimberly is helping to coordinate English classes for internationals in Bowling Green training events (house cleaning, grocery shopping, finances, etc.). Wesley helps with transportation to classes, and we both assist during lessons. Pray for each interaction, especially in consideration of the language barriers. As practical needs are being met, we desire to develop relationships with folks to share the Good News.

Coram Deo is to live one’s entire life in God's presence, under God's authority, to the glory of God. This is our desire.

We are thankful to be vessels the Lord can use. From Scripture, we can see that Paul longed to be in varying places among the Gentiles to whom he was called, but even he was affected by the Lord's direction of his steps rather than Paul's desires. Recently we read the following from anonymous gospel workers, which resonated deeply with us: "God . . . called us for the work to ‘make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19).  Whatever changes we may experience in the world or in our life, and wherever we may find ourselves to be, may we do the work God has called us to do!”

That All May Hear,

Wesley, Kimberly,

Luke, Lydia, Micah, and Ezra

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