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Arrival & Quarantine

Dear Friends,

Thank you all for covering us in your prayers! We arrived safely in Bangkok around 11 p.m. New Year's Eve (here), made it through the chaos of Covid customs procedures and on to our quarantine hotel around 1 a.m. Our first day in quarantine was successful though we may go stir crazy by the 15th! Check in occurred in a dark parking garage with every precaution imaginable. Whomever brings the food to our room must run at the speed of light because we’ve answered the door within seconds of the bell ringing to alert us of the delivery and there’s no one in sight, but there’s still 14 days to go. Rook, Penny Drop, and Settlers of Catan are at the top of our indoor activities, in addition to school work, and some exercise to exert energy - especially for our boys! Oh, and sleep.

The picture here was taken around 5 a.m. while still dark in Bangkok and with my (Kimberly's) hand out the balcony door which has a stop at the mandatory 10” mark. The picture appears lighter than it actually was. Lovely in its own way. Lively during the day and a bit dirtier in appearance. Millions of people bustling without the knowledge of the hope that only Christ brings.

The Lord brought us here for this specific purpose - to share Christ's promise of hope to everyone who believes. We're thankful for this privilege. We're thankful for those of you who've partnered with us in prayer, finances, and words of encouragement which allow us to be the body of Christ together for the advancement of God's Kingdom.

That All May Hear,

Wesley, Kimberly,

Luke, Lydia, Micah, and Ezra

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